Pai Dang Limited is a professional consulting company who expertise in providing outsourced administration, bookkeeping & human resources services, and a range of ancillary support services, to SMEs companies, Non-Profit Organizations, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Corporations.

The company was going to set up a new company website, showing all information, mission and vision, services and plans. But before we start the initial design process, there was a special requirement from Pai Dang that the new website should look professional and the use colours should be compatible to Pai Dang’s company colours. Miga Mind web page designers then designed the website with an energetic and professional theme, using both burgundy and navy as the main design colours. The finished layout was very satisfying and Pai Dang was happy with our services.


  • Category :
    Website Design
  • Client :
    Pai Dang Limited
  • Date :
    March, 2019

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