45 Biggest Brands in the World Using WordPress Actively

Wondering which big-name brands are using WordPress? There’s a common myth that WordPress isn’t good for big commercial projects as it’s a free open-source platform. But the myth has been debunked – a great many BIG brands are using WordPress and doing great.

In this article, we’ve created a list of 46 most popular big-name brands that are using WordPress on their websites.

Why WordPress?

Before we tell you anything, let’s allow the statistics to speak. WordPress is the most popular content management system in existence and is used by over 31% of all websites online.

Started as a simple blogging tool in 2003, it’s now used for a variety of purposes including blog, magazines, eCommerce sites, businesses, portfolios, photography sites, and more. How WordPress grew popular in just 15 years is really fantastic.

Then, there’s this question: why do people love WordPress? We’ll give just a few reasons why…

  • It’s simple and easy to use: To create a website in WordPress, you don’t need to have advanced coding knowledge. Any layperson can learn how to use it and build a fully-functional website.
  • It’s flexible: WordPress offers the greatest number of themes and plugins you can imagine. You can choose your website design from the thousands of beautiful themes and add any functionality you want via thousands of available plugins.
  • You own your data: You’ll have full ownership and control over your website data because you’ll host your site on your own WordPress hosting account.
  • It’s powerful: WordPress’ platform is highly scalable and powerful. You can run high-traffic sites, eCommerce sites, and any other type of sites with WordPress efficiently.
  • It’s a free.: WordPress software is a completely free open source software that you can download, use, modify, and distribute as many times as you want without any fees. It’s just a domain and hosting you’ll need to buy when creating a simple WordPress site.
  • You’re not alone, ever: In WordPress, there’re tons of resources and millions of people to help you solve any issues you encounter. You’ll find plenty of articles, tutorials, documentation, videos, and also real people to help you in support forums, emails, chat, and business phone services.

There’re numerous additional reasons why people love this platform. If you want to know more, you’ll need to give it a try yourself; you won’t be disappointed. Also, check out our complete article on why use WordPress.

How to Check If a Website is Using WordPress

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Now, let’s go ahead to view our list of most popular big-name brands using WordPress.

1. BBC America


BBC America is a popular television network that brings a variety of programs including lifestyle, comedy, drama and science-fiction series, movies, etc. The BBC America website features a blog-like design with large featured images and a dark skin on the homepage.

2. Bloomberg Professional


Bloomberg Professional website was created using WordPress. It has a dark skin, large header, important sections, and a blog to showcase insights.

3. Sony Music


Sony Music Entertainment Inc. is a global music company and its website is also on WordPress. The website features a header slider to display the singers, artists, bands, featured videos, news, and their twitter timeline.

4. Microsoft News


Microsoft’s news site was created with WordPress. It features a magazine-style layout to showcase their stories, news, and updates.

5. TechCrunch


TechCrunch is a popular online publisher that features news around startups and technology. The TechCrunch website features a full-width content-focused design.

6. The Walt Disney Company


The popular Walt Disney Company runs its website on WordPress. The website features a large featured image, recent news, and multiple sections including about, careers, philanthropy, etc.

7. Facebook Newsroom


The most popular social media platform, Facebook, uses WordPress to publish their news and announcements. The website is minimal with a featured section for top stories and a blog list layout for news and announcements.

8. Chicago Sun Times


Chicago Sun Times is a daily newspaper based in Chicago, United States that features news about politics, sports, entertainment, etc. The newspaper website has articles arranged in both grid and list style, featured story, featured video, and widgets in the sidebars.

9. Vogue


The popular fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue is also based on the WordPress software. The website looks clean, minimal, and features multiple post layouts.

10. The Rolling Stones


The popular English rock band The Rolling Stones’s official website is in WordPress. It features bands’ songs, videos, news, etc. in a bold and beautiful way.

11. Toyota Motors Brasil


The official website for Toyota Motors Brasil was created using WordPress. It has a simple site with minimal content in the header slider and products showcase.

12. The Havard Gazette


The Havard Gazette brings official news from Havard University covering innovation, teaching, research, events, etc. The website looks clean and elegant with a mixture of the featured post, list, masonry style posts, and plenty of white space.

13. The Mozilla Blog


The Mozilla Blog carries the latest news, stories, and updates on Mozilla Firefox, community, and anything around the web. The blog has an image header and a grid layout to showcase their blog articles.

14. Usain Bolt


Known as the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt’s official website was created with WordPress. It has full-width homepage sliders featuring Bolt’s photos and achievements and the latest updates about him in the masonry-style blog.

15. Reuters Blogs


Reuters Blogs brings the latest news on business, markets, world, politics, tech, life and a variety of categories. The blog was created with WordPress that has a grid-style homepage.

16. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog


The Wall Street Journal Law Blog is also based on WordPress. The site’s design is simple with a list-style layout and plenty of widgets, including most popular posts and most popular videos.

17. Angry Birds


Angry Birds is a widely-known and played video game. Its official website was made using WordPress. The website looks colorful and features Play Now buttons from top to bottom which makes it look more like a landing page.

18. Katy Perry


Katy Perry’s official website features multiple things including music, videos, tours, photos, and also a store. It has a bold and elegant look with header slider, video section, shop section and latest news section at the end.

19. Quartz


Quartz focuses on news, views, ideas, videos, and obsessions from the new global economy. It has a unique-style homepage with posts arranged in a semicircle shape, masonry grid, and featured sections.

20. Sweden’s Official Website


If you’re looking for facts and stories about Sweden, you can check their official website. The website uses WordPress. You can find a grid-style blog with articles on business, culture, tradition, nature, society, and much more.

21. PlayStation Blog


The video gamers’ favorite PlayStation has its blog in WordPress. You can find featured sections at the top and a simple masonry-style blog at the bottom of the site’s homepage.

22. Variety


Variety brings entertainment news, film reviews, stories about awards, film festivals, etc. It’s created with WordPress and has a great magazine-style design and several widgets to showcase top stories, categories, etc.

23. Star Wars News


Star Wars News is where you can find the latest news and blogs about the Star Wars books, comics, films, events, etc. It has simple and beautiful list articles with featured images.

24. Bata


The popular shoes and bags brand Bata’s website was built with WordPress. It has a fullscreen header with the option to choose a Bata store in your country.

25. AMC


The American television channel AMC has its official website on WordPress. The website features full-width featured images to showcase its shows and episodes.

Source from: https://www.isitwp.com/popular-big-name-brands-using-wordpress/